• 11 Feb 2021
  • Unlex Team

BNB Airdrop

Today is a great day to express our gratitude to our international partners at Binance for their cooperation.
Today, the Unlex Mining ltd, together with our partners at Binance, has reached a historic agreement, which will be fully implemented and will open a new chapter in the cryptocurrency world for Unlex clients.

We are happy to present a new advantage of working with Unlex Mining.

Meet airdrops!

In accordance with the new agreement, Binance provides us with its cold wallets so we can not only safely store the company's assets, but also capitalize them on high-interest rates.
Since the interest is paid in BNB which recently reached a new ATH, we will distribute the profits among our miners depending on the cloud mining power amount.

How to use the Airdrop?

Step 1. Buy cloud mining power for $600 or more.

Step 2. Get daily profit depending on the amount of purchased power.

Rules and Tips:

The Airdrop reward percent s divided into levels.

The first level has the smallest percentage which increases at the next levels.

Airdrop rewards will be credited every 24 hours.

You can withdraw the reward directly to your Binance account or any other wallet or buy any algorithm of cloud mining power.

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