• 12 Jan 2021
  • Unlex Team

Real Miners great bonus

To share our gratitude with all Unlex customers and support crypto enthusiasts, Unlex Mining will add free cloud mining power to your purchase!
We expect all our investors to radically increase their wealth and make the world a better place.

Terms and Conditions:
You'll receive additional cloud mining power for all purchases during the promotion period. This applies to all algorithms!
Bonus rates:

1.Purchase cloud mining power for 300-500$ and receive + 3.5%
2.Purchase cloud mining power for 500-1000$ and receive + 3.9%
3.Purchase cloud mining power for 1000-2000$ and receive + 4.5%
4.Purchase cloud mining power for 2000-5000$ and receive + 5.4%
5.Purchase cloud mining power for more than 5000$ and receive + 6.5%

For example, you bought 125 TH/s of SHA-256 for 5160$. You will receive 8.125 TH/s as a bonus, with a total of 133.125 TH/s!
1. This offer will automatically apply to your purchase during the promotion period.
2. The offer is valid from 12/01/2021 20:00 GMT until 28/02/2021 23:59 GMT
3. Bonus cloud mining power doesn't add up to your previous purchases and will be applied separately for each purchase.
4. This offer can not be canceled once initiated.

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