• 11 Jan 2021
  • Unlex Team

Why cloud mining is your best investment

Even though leading bitcoin mining manufacturer Bitmain doubled prices to capitalize on overwhelming demand resulting from the surge in the price of bitcoin, it still pre-sold three months of inventory in a few weeks.

February 2020 Unlex made one of the biggest Bitmain deals ever which made a lot of noise in the business world and press.

In early December, our partners from Bitmain were pre-selling ASIC miners with an expected shipping date of May 2021. Less than a month later, Bitmain has sold out through August 2021 and has raised its prices significantly.

In late November, Bitmain’s Antminer S19 was priced at $1,897.

Now, the same machine sells for $3,769 a 98% markup.

With miners eager to buy any available machines, large mining giants like Unlex continue to benefit with activity and profitability surging to its highest levels since 2017.

Bitcoin mining is just booming right now.

The surge in mining activity comes as bitcoin ended 2020 with a more than 300% gain. Miner revenue has also soared with the dollar amount earned per terahash per second (TH/s) reaching its highest level since August 2019, per data from Unlex blockchain company.

Our Business Operations&Strategy Manager, Donald Ross, described the current mining market conditions as a “perfect storm” for supply constraints: limited capacity at the foundries, Unlex Mining Center that bought up supply, and companies with strong balance sheets entering the market with the ability to place massive orders.

At this rate, we expect all-time record profits in 2021” Donald said.

Do not miss your chance to buy cloud mining power while major cryptocurrencies are ATH and make your assets really work!

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